Got crew? Need gear?

 The time has arrived! We have begun releasing some of the coveted Figawi merch online for pre-order. So, here is how it works: 

  1. You pick and then pay.
  2. Some items will ship in 14 days. Some items are in stock and will ship quickly. Some items will be open for pre-order for 14 days and ship 14 days from the close.

This is new territory for Figawi but we desperately want you to have our cool stuff! Send us an email if you have any questions or need more assurance that we will get your gear out to you! We know everyone says it, but we want to make you a happy customer. And if we aren't, *gently* let us know...remember what they say, something about bees and honey...ahh, anyway, KINDNESS works best!

We hope you enjoy the first group of products we have released. The 49th Annual Figawi Race Weekend was put down for the first time in history but we can still commemorate the "Race that Wasn't". Yes, we are skipping right over the 49th because we are WAY too excited for the 50th!! 

Check back often and share with your friends. It is fun for us to find and customize this stuff! If you have requests for something you'd like to see the Figawi logo on, let us know. If you have created a product and you'd like to work with Figawi, let us know!